21.07.2022 — 05.03.2023



This is an exhibition in four phases based on the idea of intervening on the already built space of the Basque Institute of Architecture, a reflection on the cladding of architecture. It has been developed by four young Basque studios, which have been installing their proposals one by one; the first, in June 2021; the fourth, in July 2022. In this way, the four interventions will be added to the museum route of the Institute of Architecture, as they are installed in intermediate or ‘transit’ spaces.

This is precisely the meaning of the name ‘Pasajes’, as these are interventions in spaces that connect exhibition halls, main spaces, the interior and the exterior… The aim of the programme is to give life to these corners, to keep them active while the exhibition programme comes and goes, and to take advantage of these spaces to give visibility to young teams and give them the opportunity to intervene in them. Encouraging new generations of professionals is one of the objectives of the Basque Institute of Architecture, which seeks to sow a seed for the architectural quality of the future.

The four proposals have been developed by AZAB (now BEAR architects ands Acha Zaballa Arquitectos , Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos, PAUZARQ Arquitectos and Tarte Arkitektura, young Basque studios that have already achieved milestones such as winning the Peña Ganchegui Prize for Young Basque Architecture or being present at the Venice Biennale.

Pasajes I – AZAB – ‘Between sweet and raw – Acceleration objectology’ 

The first part of Pasajes, located in the foyer of the Instituto de Arquitectura. It consists of two large curtains made of textile remnants that “accelerate” the space through their position and chromatic relationship.

Pasajes II – Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos – Who is there?

Second part of the Pasajes programme, installed on the façade of the building that connects the street with the terrace. The intervention consists of the installation of yellow tubes that connect both levels through sound, messages painted on the wall and an explanatory canvas, elements that invite us to wonder what is happening behind the walls.

Pasajes III – Pauzarq – ‘Diaphragm: light and materiality’

The third intervention in the programme, installed on the stairs leading down to the cloister. A light installation that reflects on light, understood as another architectural material that transforms the space; as an intangible but mouldable element that allows the built to be modified.

Passages IV – Tarte Arkitektura – ‘Divergent Transitions’

The fourth and last intervention of the programme, installed in the courtyard of the building, consisting of a piece of sheet metal, 50 cm wide, 30 metres long and with a constant section, on vertical ‘legs’ resting on the courtyard floor, which seeks to convert what was a transitional space into a meeting place.

You can see photos of the inauguration here.

Photos: © Mikel Blasco

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