Pasajes IV – Tarte Arkitektura

Pasajes IV – Tarte Arkitektura

21.07.2022 — 31.12.2022



Intervening on what is built is always an exercise an act of reflection and doubt, which accentuates or denies what has already been established. The PASAJES program reaches the Euskadi Institute of Architecture and promotes, correctly in an exhibition in four phases, a reflection on cladding in architecture as a transforming practice of the materiality and shape of spaces. Four young architecture studios will be in charge of intervening in different spaces of the building through simple interstitial installations that articulate the museum route of the Basque Country Architecture Institute. 

The fourth and last activation is by Tarte Arkitektura, which proposes the intervention ‘Divergent Transitions‘ for the courtyard of the Institute of Architecture, which will open its doors on 21 July . Light, elevated and ephemeral in contrast to the heavy, weighty and consolidated, the intervention uses contrast as a tool for dialogue and reinforcement of identities between the existing and the new.

Located between exhibition halls, in a central transitional space, the object seeks to attract the curious visitor. It diverts the visitor from the obvious route of the courtyard portico and offers a winding, narrow, slow but uncertain walk, focusing the mind on the journey in order to free it from the stimuli received in the previous exhibition room, with the aim of entering the next one without acquired vices. Each curve envelops areas to stop and rest, changing what was a transition space into a meeting place.

© Mikel Blasco

About Tarte Arkitektura

TARTE is an architectural studio founded in 2019 by Alex Etxeberria, an architect from the ETSA in Barcelona (2013). The studio, based in Zarautz, develops projects of different scales and typologies. It bases its approach to projects on a holistic approach, from the urban approach to the design of the construction detail, without forgetting the territorial challenges of today’s cities. Above all, he gives priority to the strategy and systematisation of concepts that make a project comprehensible and coherent.

Pasajes I – AZAB – ‘Between sweet and raw – Acceleration objectology’ 

AZAB was the first study of this new generation of Basque architecture to intervene with its proposal ‘Between sweet and raw – Acceleration Objectology’, which is in the lobby of the Architecture Institute.

Pasajes II – Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos – Who is there?

The second intervention was carried out by the San Sebastian studio Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos, who transferred their proposal ‘Who is there?’ to one of the façades of the Institute of Architecture.

Pasajes III – Pauzarq – ‘Diaphragm: light and materiality’

This is the third intervention in the programme, in which the San Sebastian studio proposes ‘Diaphragm: light and materiality’ on the stairs leading down to the cloister.

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