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Intervening on what is built is always an act of reflection and doubt, which accentuates or denies what has already been established. The PASAJES program reaches the Euskadi Institute of Architecture and promotes, based on an exhibition in four phases, a reflection on cladding in architecture as a transforming practice of the materiality and shape of spaces. Four young architecture studios will be in charge of intervening in different spaces in the building through simple interstitial installations that articulate the museum route of the Euskadi Institute of Architecture.

AZAB is the first of this new generation of Basque architects to intervene. Their proposal is called ‘Between sweet and raw – Acceleration objectology‘ and is located in the lobby of the Institute. The place itself is an obligation to propose, wondering what is architecture about. AZAB proposes a furnishing that avoids being and building in an already over-built space, accentuating the meaning of the architectural as mediation and relationship between parts. The object intervention flies between the strangeness and immediacy of the found and the singularity of the ad hoc, through the installation of two large curtains, which, made of textile remnants, tear the over-articulated space, accelerating it with their stressed position and chromatic ratio.

This accelerator curb is stay and travel, space and time. An effort to stretch, to the maximum, the idea of ​​limit to its minimum expression as a soft and interchangeable line in space. In short, an objectology that from its alien and given condition, as a collection of industrially produced pieces, is transformed, through precise actions, into a significant set that builds new relationships with what is given. In a proposal to build a paradoxical account of the complex, in which architecture is presented as the intermediate: between function and dream, culture and industry; between the sweet and the raw.

About AZAB

The study was founded in 2018 by Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa, Ane Arce and Iñigo Berasategui. Architects of different generations united around shared social and cultural interests. Their projects combine efficiency and imagination to generate new relationships that remain hidden in each specific context. Their projects and research have been widely published in magazines, blogs and specialized media.

AZAB understands architecture as a potentially transformative aesthetic practice. They produce images, spaces, objects, texts or buildings with which to explore the margins between the political, the social and the playful. Among the numerous awards they hold, are the recognition of the XV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism to the Herriko Plaza of Mallabia in 2021, the Egurtek award in 2020 or the Peña Ganchegui Award in 2019.

More Pasajes

Pasajes II – Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos – Who is there?

The second intervention was carried out by the San Sebastian studio Ocamica Tudanca Arquitectos, who transferred their proposal ‘Who is there?’ to one of the façades of the Institute of Architecture.

Pasajes III – Pauzarq – ‘Diaphragm: light and materiality’

This is the third intervention in the programme, in which the San Sebastian studio proposes ‘Diaphragm: light and materiality’ on the stairs leading down to the cloister.

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