Pasajes III – Pauzarq

Pasajes III – Pauzarq

10.03.2022 — 31.12.2022



Intervening on what is built is always an exercise an act of reflection and doubt, which accentuates or denies what has already been established. The PASAJES program reaches the Euskadi Institute of Architecture and promotes, correctly in an exhibition in four phases, a reflection on cladding in architecture as a transforming practice of the materiality and shape of spaces. Four young architecture studios will be in charge of intervening in different spaces of the building through simple interstitial installations that articulate the museum route of the Basque Country Architecture Institute. 

On this third occasion, the PAUZARQ studio, made up of Felipe Aurtenetxe and Elena Usabiaga, will be in charge of intervening in a space at the Institute of Architecture. The San Sebastian studio proposes ‘Diaphragm: Light and Materiality‘, a light installation located on the stairs leading down to the cloister.

The intervention proposes a reflection on light, understood as an architectural matter that transforms space, as an intangible but moldable element which allows to modify what is built.

Starting from the great depth of space available in the stairwell, it is decided to use it as a camera obscura. The contours merge in black and in the center a series of consecutive planes that occupy the space as a diaphragm are installed, emitting light and playing with perspective.

Through a series of circular cuts in the planes, it is possible to draw with light. The straight edges of the boundaries of the planes are opposed to the circular cutouts. Starting from flat elements, a volume is generated, moving from the linear to the three-dimensional, reversing the concept of camera obscura.

Through the tour, in its movement, visitors modify the framing until they find the place where the circles fit and are concentric. The installation accentuates the sense of depth of the space, deceiving with perspective.

With this intervention the concept of materiality is addressed, understanding light as an architectural element, which is controlled and manipulated inside the spaces.


PAUZARQ is an architectural studio based in San Sebastian that was founded in 2010. Since then, it has developed a wide range of projects, from small-scale projects and ephemeral installations to refurbishment and building projects. His work is defined by a calm and close vision of architecture, showing responsibility and respect for the natural and built environment. Understanding architecture and interior design in a global way, he develops his works placing special emphasis on an exhaustive control of all its phases and details. To this end, he approaches projects through research, innovation and the optimisation of available resources, prioritising design quality and constructive coherence.

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AZAB was the first study of this new generation of Basque architecture to intervene with its proposal ‘Between sweet and raw – Acceleration Objectology’, which is in the lobby of the Architecture Institute.

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