Bizimoduak. European ways of living

Bizimoduak. European ways of living

06.10.2022 — 05.03.2023



Nowadays, and increasingly so, the concept of housing is increasingly affected by multiple new needs and conditioning factors, which transform the idea that building housing is much more than creating spaces to be inhabited; it is necessary to think collectively, in terms of coexistence and in terms of habitable and living developments that build a city.

Bizimoduak. European ways of living’, the new exhibition curated by the Basque Institute of Architecture, shows a collection of built examples that have responded to this need and have gone beyond providing a mere housing solution.

The rooms of the Institute of Architecture house eight projects built in Europe that demonstrate the capacity of public housing to bring new virtues to a neighbourhood. In short, projects that, beyond achieving their social function, have been able to add value to the environment in which they were built.

All of them have something in common: they were projects recognised in different editions of the EUROPAN competition, the biennial call for entries with a European dimension that seeks to bring young teams of architects into contact with public administrations, to give them the opportunity to propose and build innovative ideas.

Eight hastaghs identify the value that each project has added to its surroundings, and each one, through photographs, plans and audiovisual elements, explains in detail the objective that each team of architects had in their approach, as well as the result after its construction.


TI111′ – Beatriz Matos Castaño and Alberto Martínez Castillo

Basauri, Basque Country


‘Fortuitous Filtration’ – S333 Architecture and Urbanism

Groningen, The Netherlands


‘Weak Density’ – BNR Architectes

Saintes, France

Logements de l’ilot “Arc de Triomphe” a Saintes. Europan 3 Babled-Nouvet-Reynaud Architectes. SEMIS (Societe d’Economie Mixte Immoboliere de la Saintonge) Mai 2005


 ‘A wall of housing’ – Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos 

Seville, Spain


ZigZags’ – Eduardo Belzunce Tormo, Juan García Millán and Luis Díaz-Mauriño

‘Towns Profile’ – Francisco Burgos Ruiz and José Maria de Lapuerta Montoya

Bilbao, Basque Country


Swobodas go neustadlau’ – studio uek

Vienna, Austria


‘Catalogue for dwelling on the time’ – Gutierrez-delaFuente Architects and TallerDe2

Selb, Germany


Garden>Courtyard’ – Arenas Basabe Palacio Architects 

Vienna, Austria

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Discover all the details of the projects at the Institute of Architecture until 5 May 2023.

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