'Bizimoduak' family workshops

‘Bizimoduak’ family workshops

08.10.2022 — 25.02.2023



With the arrival of the new exhibition ‘Bizimoduak. European ways of living’ four different family workshops will be held to reflect on the values proposed by each of the projects on display in the exhibition. Values such as participation, collectivity, the creation of community, the relationship with the landscape

Based on the exhibition’s hashtags, two per workshop, participants will reflect on the additional values that public housing can contribute, resulting in new urban proposals. The cloister of the building will serve as a working area, where, progressively with each workshop, a large-scale model will be built in a participatory way. The result will be a changing space throughout the months of the exhibition.

Workshop 1: #pioneering + #collaboration. Saturdays 8 and 29 October. Sign up here.

Workshop 2: #interconnected + #streetlife. Saturdays 12 and 19 November. Sign up here.

Workshop 3: #landmark + #topography. Saturdays 3 and 17 December. Sign up here.

Workshop 4: #inputs + #reuse. Saturdays 14 January and 25 February. Sign up here.

Based on four zones, the four corners of the cloister, we will be colonising the space and working in the centre of it. On workshop days, the zones will be activated by answering the mediation questions that can be found in the exhibition next to each hashtag.

Schedule: 11:30 -13:00.

Language: bilingual.

Organized by: Maushaus.

Free activity.