hiru hiri - guided tours

hiru hiri – guided tours

02.01.2021 — 24.04.2021



What makes the city your city? What corners make up that character that makes it your home? These are some of the questions that hiru hiri – city views exhibition is currently asking and that architectural guided tours seek to answer with citizens.

These guided tours to the exhibition bring people closer to the 30 postcards about Vitoria, San Sebastian and Bilbao and the visions of 30 creators of the world of culture, architecture and science that are included in hiru hiri – city views.

Through postcards, we immerse ourselves in the collective imaginery that sets up hiru hiri, and we will have the opportunity to join the exhibition by writing or drawing our own postcard, fleeing from tourist postcards and their photographs about iconic places, in order to change our gaze to those corners of the city that we have in our minds.

Free registrations here.


Spanish and Basque

Free guided tours. Registration is requested due to the health emergency