2020-21 program presentation

2020-21 program presentation



The Basque Country Institute of Architecture (EAI-IAE) presented on October 29th its new program for the 2020-21 academic year, which will be focused on the Irish architect and designer Eileen Gray and the Basque cities. The present and the future of the society and the spaces it inhabits, the way it inhabits them, but also how the society builds and shapes the space are the main aspects that the Institute will address in the coming months, with 40 activities.

Through them, the Institute seeks to deepen on how architecture crosses all aspects of life in a transversal way, how we use space and, therefore, how we build ourselves as a society. “We have a stable program to address from different points of view how we live and build,” said its director, José Angel Medina, in the presentation, “we encourage citizens to participate in the activities, all of them free and open to the public”.

During the presentation, Quarantinology exhibition opened its doors.