Antonio Scarponi. Architecture’s Seeds

Antonio Scarponi. Architecture’s Seeds



Interior architecture as a tool for urban regeneration. Within the Udategiak project, which promotes the construction of autonomous spaces for growing vegetables indoors, the Basque Country Architecture Institute hosts the lecture of the Italian architect and designer Antonio Scarponi.

This expert, based in Zurich and specialized in the design and construction of artifacts with similar characteristics, will give a conference in which he will talk about different urban activation strategies at various scales. He will propose his work “architectural seeds”, a way of approaching small poetic interventions as a form of materialized architectural knowledge.

He will explain how these interventions can establish new relationships between objects and subjects of the city and spread new strategies of resilient living involving food and food production as a common ground of living together. A ground that generates employment and integrates production waste to produce energy.

Antonio Scarponi is an architect and designer. He studied architecture at the Cooper Union in New York and the IUAV in Venice, where he obtained a doctorate in Urban Design. He has given classes and lectures in different schools of design and architecture in Europe, Asia and the United States. He currently teaches at ZhDk, Zurich. His work and projects with Conceptual Devices have been widely published in trade magazines worldwide and he has also received numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Curry Stone Humanitarian Design Award (2008).

The lecture is linked to the participatory workshop Udategiak, in which an artifact for indoor cultivation will be built using the hydroponic technique.

The Udategiak project is promoted by the Food Hack Lab. Udategiak has been created with the contribution of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, the Basque Country Architecture Institute and the San Sebastián City Hall.


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