EUROPAN 15 Lasarte-Oria

EUROPAN 15 Lasarte-Oria

16.07.2020 — 31.10.2020



EUROPAN is a biennial competition for urban and architecture ideas aimed at European architects under the age of forty. Its reputation is supported by the commitment of the organising administrations to commission the awarded teams to carry out their work. There is a theme, a set of regulations and a schedule, all common to the fourteen organising countries: (in the fifteenth edition) Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Kosovo, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. EUROPAN offers European architects under the age of forty a platform that helps contestants enter the labour market as well as convey their ideas at an international scale.

The EUROPAN15 edition has chosen the ecological transition in designing a productive city for the future as its main theme. In this framework, the topic “productive housing” that was suggested for Lasarte-Oria can contribute to many of the debates generated in society during the confinement imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis.

The site was proposed by the Department for Environment, Regional Planning and Housing of the Basque Government’s Housing and Architecture Directorate, following the interest expressed by the Lasarte-Oria city council, original owner of the plot.

In the current edition, Lasarte-Oria’s site received the largest number of proposals (43) among the 47 sites participating in EUROPAN15. As set out in the contest rules, the winning team will be commissioned with the whole project: Special Plan, Basic Project Design, Final Project Design and Construction Supervision.

The Department of the Basque Government is one of the few administrations that develops and builds projects from Europan: 184 dwellings in Basauri (1991) and 84 dwellings in Mina del Morro, Bilbao (2001).

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