Forma Berri

Forma Berri

03.09.2022 — 10.09.2022



Through the publication of numerous articles related to Basque-Navarrese artistic and architectural culture, the magazine Nueva Forma, which brought to the forefront and disseminated the work of a series of authors who, during the 1960s, turned the Basque Country into a cultural centre as important as Barcelona or Madrid.

Under the careful direction of Juan Daniel Fullaondo, in addition to an infinite number of articles dedicated to critical reflection on Spanish architecture, a series of monographs of incalculable value were created
dedicated to plastic artists such as Aurelio Arteta, Rafael Balerdi, Remigio Mendiburu, Jose Antonio Sistiaga, Nestor Basterretxea, as well as to what Fullaondo considered the greatest sculptors of this century, who in his eyes were Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida.

With the “Forma Berri” family workshop, we will approach some of these experimental proposals that so seduced Fullaondo, exploring the mechanisms of creation provided by 20th century authors, to elaborate those new paths of art that placed the Basque Country on the cultural map. Likewise, we will reflect on the dialogue between these artistic proposals and the architecture that houses them.


3 September, Saturday

10 September, Saturday

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Schedule: 11:30 -13:00

Language: bilingual

Organized by: Maushaus

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