Aulki jokua (Chair game)

Aulki jokua (Chair game)



With “Aulki jokua” (Chair game, in Basque Language) we will highlight the possibilities of playing with the elements that make up a domestic object. The chair will serve to find these relationships and to awaken reflections.

With the free play of these elements, we will become familiar with the constructive shapes of a chair and its combinations, and then we will move on to having fun with other concepts, such as the stability of a piece of furniture, its stacking possibilities, the floral origin of the wood… until we get to build our nice stool, which we will customize to make it unmistakable!

Free workshop with Maushaus

Workshop for families with children between 6 and 12 years old
(Limited capacity)

11:30 -13:00

Bilingual (Basque/Spanish)

Free registration is requested: