Screening of the documentary 'Jai Alai Blues'

Screening of the documentary ‘Jai Alai Blues’



As part of the complementary programme of the exhibition ‘Pilotalekuak. Building the void‘, on Tuesday 29th August at 18h at the Basque Country Institute of Architecture, the documentary ‘Jai Alai Blues’, directed by Gorka Bilbao, will be screened. It looks at how a rural sport like the cesta punta (Jai Alai) has been able to be successfully exported to so many countries.

Synopsis: ‘Jai Alai Blues’ is a documentary that tells the story of how, since the beginning of the century, businessmen have taken advantage of the success of the game and the betting to promote a sport that has reached great heights of popularity in very different countries. Egypt, China, the Philippines, Cuba, Mexico and the United States are some of the scenarios of the history of Jai Alai. In these places, the pelotaris were considered true artists and the media covered the activity of the frontons extensively. But the splendour of the golden years of Jai Alai did not last forever.

Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Language: Spanish
Free entry until full capacity is reached

Year: 2015
Duration: 1h 40min
+12 years old