S/E, urban coincidences between San Sebastian and European cities

S/E, urban coincidences between San Sebastian and European cities



The exhibition hiru hiri – city views invites us to reflect on the character of the three capitals of the Basque Country, bringing to light the personal and often hidden corners of Bilbao, Donostia and Vitoria-Gasteiz in the form of postcards. Now, from paper we will move on to words, with three online conferences, one for each capital.

San Sebastian will be in charge of closing this cycle and will do so by finding connections not only with one, but with several European cities. This time the person in charge of searching and sharing urban coincidences will be the PhD in Architecture and professor at the ETSA UPV / EHU Izaskun Aseguinolaza, who together with the ex-director of Urban Planning of the city Juan Carlos Cuevas will talk about the urban development of the Gipuzkoan capital in the last two centuries. They will talk about how this development has been shaping nature to be able to settle and how the Ensanche de Cortázar block has been interpreted, among other issues. Throughout the colloquium, they will discover connections around these issues with different European cities. You can register HERE.

Izaskun Aseguinolaza is an Architect from the UN’s ETS of Architecture since September 2001. She defended the thesis entitled “Architectural dimension in the origin of British planning” in January 2007 and, subsequently, has combined teaching and professional work in the field of urban planning. Currently, she is a professor in the Area of Urbanism and Spatial Planning of the Department of Architecture of the UPV / EHU since September 2012 where she has taught subjects related to urbanism and planning in the degrees of Fundamentals of Architecture, in the Master in Rehabilitation, Restoration and Comprehensive Management of Built Heritage and Existing Buildings and in the University Master’s Degree in Architecture.

Juan Carlos Cuevas is the former director of Urbanism in Donostia. Architect by the E.T.S.A.S.S. In June 1986, he has worked in various areas such as the Basque Government’s Urban Planning Department, the Drafting Team of the Advancement of the Donostia General Plan approved in 1995 and in force until 2010, the Sustainable Urban Planning Department… Currently, he is Head of the Actions Unit Integrated.


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