'Circular design strategies: cities, buildings and closed cycle products' Summer Course

‘Circular design strategies: cities, buildings and closed cycle products’ Summer Course



The Basque Institute of Architecture will host the UPV / EHU summer course ‘Circular design strategies: cities, buildings and closed cycle products’. After a first session on September 13 at the Miramar Palace, the Institute of Architecture will receive experts from around the world on September 14 in a course that will address the principles of the circular economy applied in the field of construction.

Directed by Xabier Pérez de Arenaza, project coordinator at Habic, Euskadi Equipment, Wood and Design Cluster, and Iker Mardaras, member of the COAVN Sustainability Commission in the Gipuzkoa delegation, the summer course will give the opportunity to acquire the general concepts of the transition from the linear to the circular model, and to know methodologies and real examples to be able to apply them. For this, the course has the participation of more than fifteen professionals from different fields, including architects, engineers, economists or biologists.

Specifically, throughout September 14, experts such as Michael Braungart, founder of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH in Hamburg, the origin of the Cradle to Cradle certification, will pass through the Euskadi Institute of Architecture, who will explain the keys to this approach to industry and design. After Braungart, María Gorostegi (Ondarreta) and Goio Borge (Zicla) will report on projects that demonstrate eco-innovation, while Juan Azcarate, researcher at Delf University of Technology, will provide business models for a circular economy. Borja Izaola, Coordinator of the LIFE Levels project from Green Building Council Spain and Ana De la Puente (IK Ingeniería – Arquitecta) will explain, respectively, new European frameworks and environmental certificates, to make way for Gorane Ibarra and Aitor Sáez de Cortazar, both from Ihobe , Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government, which will delve into green purchasing and waste management.

September 13 (Palacio Miramar)

September 14 (Baque Institute of Architecture)

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