Yvan Detraz. BORDAK: Peri-urban shelters

Yvan Detraz. BORDAK: Peri-urban shelters



Installed in the green ring that surrounds the city of Bordeaux (France), Refuges Périurbains is a set of unique architectural works designed with a sensitive approach to their natural environment: each of them embodies, in its own way, the unique charm of the landscape from which it is inspired.

They seek to invite the hiker to take a new look at the suburban environment: to rediscover step by step this nature close to the city, on a unique contemporary tour, off the regular paths. Whether they are inhabitants of the metropolis or foreign visitors passing through Bordeaux, the public is invited to occupy these small accommodations for one night free of charge and upon prior reservation.

The Refuges Périurbains project earned the Association Bruit du Frigo the 2016 Periurban Innovation Award in the ‘Cohabitation, Social Cohesion and Culture’ category of the Ministry of  Rural and Local Affairs.

Bruit du Frigo is an urban creation collective founded in 1997 in Bordeaux that brings together architects, artists, urban planners, and builders. It carries out artistic and contextual projects in the public space, combining urban facilities and scenery, microarchitectures, collective actions and cultural events.

Yvan Detraz, graduated in Architecture from ENSAP Bordeaux in 20000, is one of the co-founders and director of the collective Bruit du Frigo. He carries out, particularly within this collective, exploration work on the reappriation of urban peripheries and he will lead the conference about Refuges Périurbains.

Yvan Detraz’s conference at the Basque Country Architecture Institute will begin the BORDAK program created by Atari Kultura Arkitektonikoa, which will be held, with talks, workshops and excursions, in Ataun town (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country).


Basque Country Architecture Institute

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