Mugak/ the Basque Country International Architecture Biennial

Architecture is at the same time a language of art and of reason. A meeting of science and artifice. Historically, it has been fortified by the nutrients that germinate in the limits.

It inhabits the crossroads between different cultures and identities; the intersection between nature and landscape, with the human sense of order; the blurred boundaries between reality and dreams; the threshold questioning the internal and the external; constantly investigating form as a response to function, without renouncing the ideal of beauty.

Nowadays, architecture is at a difficult juncture, trying to address the challenges of a new technological and multicultural modernity which has become extremely difficult to understand and manage.

At the start of the 21st Century, inequality has proven to be a new pandemic. The recent socio-economic crisis has shown its gloomiest face with corrosive trails of poverty and exclusion, shifting the boundaries of what is socially acceptable and humanly desirable to truly unanticipated extremes. It is a problem that is seriously jeopardising the essential pillars of our civic identity at the present time.

Elaborate? Adapt? Rethink? Start anew? Urbanism and architecture are still powerful instruments capable of healing wounds and, from an intellectual standpoint, of contributing to redefine the balance required between individual and collective well-being, in the essential pursuit of the virtue of the common good.

They must help to rethink and redefine new paths enabling the design of common spaces that materialise the collective yearning to live in a society and in cities that are fairer and more balanced.

Fourth edition – Rebuild, reinhabit, rethink
November 2023

The fourth edition of the Basque Country International Architecture Biennial Mugak/ has been held throughout November 2023. The project is organized by the Department of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport of the Basque Government, through its Housing, Land and Architecture Directorate.

Mugak/ has maintained once again its intention to be a crossroads, a plural, transversal, and multicultural meeting place to promote and revive dialogue, debate and reflection, to confront new strategies and seek solutions, to redefine together new frontiers that can shape a more ethical, fair and balanced society.

This fourth edition has been held under the title ‘Rebuild, reinhabit, rethink’, and aimed to explore these concepts in the current context of immediacy and emergency, where a new form of audacious and disruptive creativity is emerging to help us to survive in these convulsive times of ecological, health, economic and social crisis.

It’s been from a Biennial conceived as a cultural infrastructure open to citizens and to the group of urban life participants, to generate conversations and reflections that connect us with the debates that are taking place at a global level. A border meeting place that allows us to transit between the urgencies of the moment and the emergence of proposals that project us towards possible futures

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