Basque Country Architecture Institute

Architecture, landscape, thinking, debate, international, cooperation, innovation, citizenship, research, biennial, interpretation, heritage, housing, meeting point, sustainability, design, urbanism, boundaries…

The mission of the Basque Country Architecture Institute is to bring architecture closer to citizenship, to socially generate the taste for architecture in the broader sense of cultural and civic enjoyment.

Encouraging thinking and debate between architecture, urbanism, landscape and design. Creating knowledge and facilitating the access to both larger audiences and specialists of the field. Promoting contemporary Basque architecture at an international level.

Since 2019, the Institute is managed in an open way in order to embrace diverse non-profit entities which have as a goal investigation, dissemination and promotion of architecture and also developing synergies with institutions of great tradition in Euskadi related with architecture such as the Basque Navarre Official School of Architects and the School of Architecture of the University of the Basque Country.