Screening of the documentary 'A girls' game'

Screening of the documentary ‘A girls’ game’



As part of the complementary programme of the exhibition ‘Pilotalekuak. Building the void‘, the short documentary film ‘A girls’ game‘ directed by Andrés Salaberri Pueyo and Daniel Burgui Iguzkiza in co-production with the production company En Buen Sitio will be screened on Tuesday 5 September at 18h at the Basque Institute of Architecture. A story about a humble and little known sport, eminently masculine, in which some women athletes with enthusiasm and enormous sacrifice try or have tried to make it their way of life.

Synopsis: In September 2014 Zinacantepec Mexico City hosted the Pelota Vasca World Championship. Gold in a world title is the highest achievement a woman can achieve in the sport. It is the ceiling of pelota. There are no professional women, they can’t make a living from the fronton, like other men. But until this year, the best athlete in fronton was a woman.

“I’ve been champion of the world, of Spain, of Europe… of everything, and still there are those who have no idea: “But do girls play Pelota?”

Maite Ruiz de Larramendi

Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Language: Spanish
Free entry until full capacity is reached

Year: 2015
Duration: 24 min