HEZI. Lecture by Andrew Todd. Learning with Trees

HEZI. Lecture by Andrew Todd. Learning with Trees



The architect and writer Andrew Todd will inaugurate the HEZI cycle with the conference ‘Learning with trees’ on April 17 at 19:00. Specializing in theater and biomaterials, Todd will make a philosophical approach to the human relationship with trees focused on educational spaces. For this, he will base himself on one of his books: The Clearing (Nybrogade, 2023), which deals with our economic, mythological, familial, political and technological relationships with the world of trees.”Trees are teachers”, assures Todd. “They have much longer than us to absorb life’s lessons. What do they have to say, if we pay them enough attention?”.

His architectural practice, Studio Andrew Todd, has built and designed projects throughout Europe for private and institutional clients in the sectors of theatre, music, workspace, urban design and habitation. Based in southern Burgundy, the practice experiments with direct fabrication, repair and weathering processes, primarily in biomaterials. Todd is Director of Learning for the NCC Wood Academy, advising Scandinavia’s second-biggest building group on their transition to less carbon-intense materials (through process, management, networks, knowledge and engagement). He is intricately connected to the wood industry throughout Europe, and particularly in Austria.

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His journey, capacities and vectors of research and action have been positively shaped by close association with a group of mentors and friends including Brook, Giancarlo de Carlo, Ivan Illich, Bruno Latour and -most recently- Donna Haraway. He remains centrally connected to the contemporary European theatre world, in part through his actions as a regular contributor to The Guardian.

After this inaugural conference, on April 18 will be held the lecture ‘Renaturalization of school playgrounds’ and the conference of Roberto Gonzalez on the Reggio School project; and on April 19 we will have the inauguration of the new playground of the public school of Aiete (Donostia), which has renaturalized Berdea Piztu.


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