Pilotalekuak. Mapping

Pilotalekuak. Mapping

24.03.2023 — 01.10.2023



Locations of the investigation book ‘Plazas with a fronton in the Basque Country’ (Pamiela, 2023).
Manuel Iñiguez, Alberto Ustarroz.
Coordination: Daniel Carballo.

The different ‘pilota plazak’ identified on this map represent different degrees of implementation of the game in towns and cities: without walls; play in the street or in the square; rebound on a party wall, façade or pre-built wall; frontage built for rebound or Blé; wall attached to a pre-existing building or wall; fronton (frontage, side wall and floor); uncovered private fronton; and covered private fronton.

Basque pelota has experienced a global expansion that has taken its architecture to many corners of the world. Below you can see the almost 4,800 fronton locations registered worldwide by the frontons.net website.